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Based on actual events, Diamond Diva tells the story of how Allie Ross, a pretty, popular, privileged girl from the burbs, decides to break the mold, and the law, by becoming a professional diamond thief and eventual leader of an international crime syndicate… all while working at Hooters.

by Loren O’Brien

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James Hemings is America’s culinary founding father, but his achievements have been largely unrecognized because he was the enslaved property of Thomas Jefferson. “The Ghost in America’s Kitchen” is about America’s unknown Founding Foodie, James Hemings, as told by modern culinary sage, Chef Ashbell McElveen. Ashbell’s proprietary research and wisdom add texture to this little-known story that can’t be found anywhere else. James Hemings is a lost African American hero who is responsible for bringing French Fries, Ice Cream, Crew Brulee, Mac & Cheese, Whipped Cream and many other common foods to the United States.

Anthony Werhun

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A sassy and successful Georgia PI married to a legacy cop is a recipe for an interesting family dynamic... Finding the evidence that frees the criminal your husband just put behind bars can make dinner conversation rather awkward... 

by Robin Martinelli 

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Hideki Smith is a one hour YA adventure series about a misfit teenage boy and his popular older sister, both half-Japanese, who find their heritage suddenly on display when the emergence of an Ancient Japanese demon also triggers latent powers within them. As Hideki and his sister attempt to protect their rural North Carolina highschool from a bizarre series of supernatural attacks, the real struggle remains how to belong in a place where you don’t quite fit in...

by A.J. Hartley

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June's Last Wish is a 21st-century southern gothic spiritual thriller immersed in a metaphysical murder mystery, wrapped around a sweeping love story spanning time and space. Set in the odd coastal town of Mercifell, GA, Adalia June Burke is a woman struggling with a crisis of faith and identity. Her perceptions of reality are challenged with the arrival of Edward Fray, a troubled drifter with claims of being guided by voices and led by visions. Amidst a brutal heatwave, panic and fear take hold as three prominent locals are found dead in mysterious and macabre ways. Adding to the tension: rumors of tall shadows, occult involvement, and the reawakening of the PRESENCE... the lines between worlds begin to blur.

by Jonas Elrod

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After a violent murder stuns a quiet coastal town, a tight-knit group of middle-aged women, led by spiritual bookstore owner, Dot Clatstop, begin seeking the truth behind the death of their beloved friend. Quickly labeled as a “drug-related homicide,” the ladies at first set out to restore their friend’s good name, but soon uncover clues that point to a far more complicated and dangerous story. Feeling powerless and patronized by the dismissive local police, they are forced to overcome their fears and take matters into their own hands. The truth becomes a beacon as they embark on an unexpected adventure to solve their friend's murder. 

by Annie Humphrey

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It’s Robin Hood meets Better Call Saul in this unscripted show about a colorful family of ambulance chasers accident attorneys based in Georgia and lead by patriarch Ken Nugent, whose innumerable billboards, bus stop ads, and cheesy commercials have made him a household name in the South since the late 80’s. Ken and his family take the calls other lawyers wouldn’t dare to... and the results are hilarious, head-scratching, and often touching.

by Ken Nugent

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Set largely against the backdrop of post Civil War Reconstruction, “Resurgens” tells the epic story of two young lovers, Sam, a conflicted Rebel soldier, and his new bride, Ruth, who become tragically separated during the war. Based on the true life historical event that came to be known as “The Exile of the Roswell Women,” where 400 Southern women and children were captured by General Sherman and shipped north by train to work-camps, prisons, and fates unknown. “Resurgens” follows the dual stories of Ruth’s struggle to learn the fate of her husband while seeking livelihood amid the strange and hostile town she’s trapped in, and Sam’s perilous journey, against all odds, to find his wife amidst the smoldering ruins of the South.

by Brad Catherman

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Set in the racially turbulent era of the 60’s, “The Hits” tells the story of Percy Vails, a charismatic con-man on the run after being falsely accused of murdering the white wife of a small town Alabama sheriff. Percy finds refuge when he stumbles upon a struggling R&B group in need of a lead singer for a talent show. He literally sings for his life and steals the show. “The Hits” are born! As we follow their rise to fame, "The Hits", take us into an anachronistic musical world were the songs, popular culture and styles of today are retrofitted with the melodies and nostalgia of the era. As “The Hits” begin their rise and their race to a brighter future, Percy is ever mindful of his darker past, knowing that it’s just a matter of time before it catches up with him.

by Jay Ali 

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Mari Mars is a sex therapist... and her husband is a Greek Orthodox priest...
On the spectrum of ‘morality,’ Mari and her husband Christos have two jobs that couldn’t be further apart. So far this couple has made it work, but it is often a ‘crisis of faith,’ as the traditions of the most conservative orthodox Church in the world clash with Mari’s progressive view of human sexuality. What others see as sacrilege, though, Mari sees as closer to the core tenets of Greek Orthodoxy than any other point of view, and her deep understanding of the texts make her an impressive advocate for change.

by Mari Mars

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"The Untitled Swilley Family Show” will be a fictionalized scripted television series inspired by the real life Swilley family, led by patriarch Jim Swilley - twice married, father of four, and Bishop of one of the biggest Megachurches in America. He is also living with a secret he’s been holding onto for most of his life... He is gay. When Jim finally decides to come out to his family and congregation, he both loses everything, and gains everything. 

by the Swilley Family

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When plummeting global temperatures force humanity underground, families torn apart by catastrophe and cryo-stasis must search across time and space for each other. Scientists and mystics, brothers and daughters, soldiers and citizens must struggle against fate’s indifference to ensure their own survival and the future of the human race.

by Justin O’Neal Miller & J. Chris Campbell 

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Dr. Isadore Dyer, a rakish, cocksure libertine, arrives back in his native New Orleans in 1894, determined to find the cure for a disease ravaging the city. He breaks laws, social mores, and religious commandments to spirit away 7 patients to a dilapidated plantation in Carville, LA, where they will begin a new life as his guinea pigs. Once the doctor begins to see the humanity of the 3 men, 3 women, and kind young boy who are in his care, his callous, scientific shell begins to crack, and he must unravel why he truly desires to practice medicine. With the help of his headstrong, brilliant fiancée Mercedes Percival, and the grace and medical knowledge of the daughters of Charity, Isadore Dyer becomes more than he ever imagined he could be. Finding the cure becomes only part of his work, and ultimately, a dream he will never realize. The humility and passion he attains instead, is eternal.

by Ann Mahoney Kadar & Nick Thompson 

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