Zae & Javier

Zae Jordan and Javier Williams are two Atlanta based cousins, writers, actors, and stand-up comedians. 

This comedic duo are mostly known for Adult Swim’s hit streaming show Tato Chat. A live animated show about a potato and tomato watching internet videos.

In 2015, Zae pursued acting and stand-up comedy after he dropped out of Savannah College of Art & Design in the middle of his senior year. At the time, Javier pursued trap music on Soundcloud as Javisenpai aka Pink Turner. 

The duo’s first project together under their indie production company, WILDSOUL Films, was a documentary parody called Being Glen: A Puppeteer’s Story, which was rewarded Atlanta’s Best Comedy Short Film in 2016. Zae directed, wrote, and improvised the role of a 45 year old puppeteer living with his parents. Javier shot the whole short film with a DSLR camera, making it his first time shooting something that didn’t suck. The following year, they created their second short film, Art Sale, a black & white comedy about two millennial artists trying to sell their ugly art at a yard sale. The film became an unexpected crowd favorite and won ‘Best Short Film’ and ‘Best Ensemble Cast’ at the Houston Comedy Festival. This led them to create a Youtube channel under the name ‘The Real Black Cousins’ which features skits, parodies, and music videos catered towards an alternative urban crowd. 

Currently, they’re developing an animated series with Adult Swim and a live action comedy series that explores the struggles of two black hipsters with Picture It Productions.