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Based on a real life office of public defenders and investigators who focus solely on capital/death row cases, referred to in inner circles as the “Death Shop.”  The stakes at the Death Shop are incredibly high (literally life and death) and as a result, it attracts lawyers with huge egos and personal demons, as well as career driven "baby lawyers” drawn to a cause, having no idea what they are getting themselves into. Substance abuse, fist fights, broken marriages, infidelity… and that's just the lawyers.

From the files of capital defense lawyer Ken Driggs

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Hideki Smith is a one hour YA adventure series about a misfit teenage boy and his popular older sister, both half-Japanese, who find their heritage suddenly on display when the emergence of an Ancient Japanese demon also triggers latent powers within them. As Hideki and his sister attempt to protect their rural North Carolina highschool from a bizarre series of supernatural attacks, the real struggle remains how to belong in a place where you don’t quite fit in...

by NY Times Best-Selling Author A.J. Hartley

Based on an upcoming novel. Chapters available upon request.

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In turn of the century New York, Jack Wolverton, gentleman thief, specialized in stealing the arcane, the accursed and the occultic. When he resorts to using one of these magical items to make an escape, he finds himself transported to modern day Manhattan -- where all the Impossible Objects he had nicked a hundred years prior are scattered once again around the globe. He not only has to retrieve them all over again, but, this time he’s stuck in a world he doesn’t understand and with a skill set that isn’t quite suitable for 2019. His only ally is his great granddaughter, who thinks he’s less a gentleman thief and more a chauvinistic creep.

Based on the comic by Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett

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