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Workplace comedy set at the CDC, based on the real-life experiences of a former microbiologist. 

by Brittney Krall

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Inspired by the true life formative years of Cameron Gipp AKA Big Gipp, The Gipps follows the unlikely suburban upbringing of a future hip-hop legend. Set in a historically significant suburb of Atlanta, populated by upper middle class African American families, entertainers, and civil rights leaders, Cameron’s childhood was at the center of the convergence of wealth, hope and history. It’s a story of what happens when the first generation of upper-middle class African American kids grow up in a neighborhood where they have more choices than their parents, more freedom than their grandparents, but still feel a connection to the projects on the next block over.



A precocious young girl struggles to fit into her new school, which happens to be run by the Black Panther Party. But no matter the political climate (in 1973 or 2017), when you’re 10 years old, your priorities are the same - a kid just wants to be a kid. Inspired by the first hand account of Ericka Brown, who attended the Oakland Community School in the late 70s while her mother, Elaine Brown, worked her way up the chain to become the only woman in US history to lead a paramilitary organization as the Chairwoman of the Black Panther Party.

by Karen Ceesay & Andre Brooks

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