If you have a great idea, script, or intellectual property, or if you believe your own life story would make a hit television show, we want to hear about it! Submit a description of your project or idea via our submission page, along with information about yourself. Feel free to include  links to your website, vimeo/youtube page, IMDB page, Facebook profile, or anything else that would help us better get to know you and your work. Due to the volume of submissions that we get, it may take a few weeks for us to get to yours, so please be patient!

If we think your submission has potential, we will schedule a time for you to come in to discuss your idea in person. We are pretty laid back, so just come as you are, eat some free snacks, and chat about your idea with us!

If we decide to formally take on your project, we will enter into a shopping agreement, which basically gives us exclusive rights to develop and sell your project, then it's off to development. Now the real work begins. Putting our collective heads together, we will come up with the best way we think possible to sell your idea. This could include developing a pitch deck, a sizzle reel, or even a script. We will then use these materials to attract Hollywood's top writers, producers, and directors to create a solid “package” which is essential before pitching to buyers.

Then we pitch your show! Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess. There are no guarantees in life, and there are definitely no guarantees in Hollywood, but what we can promise you is this… By working with our team of seasoned writers and producers, you will have the best shot you’ve ever had at selling a television show to Hollywood.